200 Americans die EACH DAY from opiate overdoses. To put that in perspective, we lose more children, spouses, parents, siblings and friends EVERY YEAR than we lost in the enitre Vietnam War.

Lives Back has a solution.

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Building Restorative Court Infrastructure

Wouldn't it be wonderful if drug courts existed that were designed from the ground up to provide accountability coupled with help, healing and hope?  That dream is now a reality.

Patterned after the highly successful Franklin County Ohio Drug Court, LivesBack provides the template, the training, the connections, the personnel and even funding to help Counties and municipalities establish their own drug courts.

Giving Hope, Promoting Healing & Restoring Lives

The best way in the world to increase crime and drug related recidivism is to eliminate hope.  It is well documented that behind the disease of addiction is mental and emotional distress.  When an addict enters the judicial system we can choose to offer them help & hope, or strip it from them.  

Without a path to take responsibility for their mistakes, get help, make amends and get their lives back, addicts will return to drugs & alcohol and will perpetually face jails, institutions and death.  The LivesBack program breaks that cycle with intervention, drug addiction treatment, mental health treatment, accountability, legal assistance (dismissed charges & sealed records) and a path back to a full life.  

In a word, HOPE...

Saving Communities & Taxpayer $$$

Not only does the LivesBack program save lives, it saves money.  With over a decade of historical financial data and documented program success, the LivesBack program is demonstrably more affordable than our current system of "lock them up and throw away the key". 

Currently, the cost of incarceration alone, is 2-3 times more expensive than the cost of running a successful drug court, but the benefits don't stop there.  Additional savings to the courts and the community include:

  • Reduced number of repeat offenders (reduction in future court, incarceration costs and crime rates)

  • Reduced need for jail, prison and probation personnel

  • Saving of human lives

  • Decreased crime (especially theft to support drug addictions)

  • Restoration of families & citizenship

  • Productive member of society (ongoing tax payer)

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The Honorable Scott VanDerKarr, originating Judge of the Franklin County, Ohio Drug Court, leads the Lives Back effort.

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