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Service Offerings:​​

LivesBack’s experience dates back 10 years and is validated by measurable and verifiable successes.  These years have allowed the program to evolve, nurturing the successful parts of the program and adapting (or abandoning) those parts that did not deliver the required positive results.

We offer this experience and those successes as a starting point for your Drug Court program.



LivesBack’s experienced team will provide an initial consultation including community data complete with detailed SWOT analysis (Internal strengths & weaknesses, external opportunities & threats).

Key to success is helping you understand the data; who, how much, when, where...  Understanding the numbers is critical to developing a program suited to your community's drug problem, your citizens, your leaders and your budget. 


And when it comes time to present to the "powers that be", we'll prep you, help you and/or join you.



Don't know where to start.  We understand.  We were there 10 years ago.  Over the last 10 years, the initial program was tuned and tweaked, concentrating on the successes and adapting the less effective aspects.  It's this most recent incarnation of the program that has delivered measurable and verifiable successes.  We offer this template as a starting point for your Drug Court program.

Our experience has shown us that no two counties or court systems are the same.  We understand and appreciate those differences.  We will work with you, side-by-side to develop a Drug Court program that is tailored to the needs of your county.  


Using our extensive resources, developed over the last decade, we'll help you get started.  We identify community partners – parent groups, 12 step meetings, Medical Assisted Therapy (M.A.T.), treatment, mental health, and housing agencies.  Additionally, we will explain how they operate, help you engage with these partners and support services and work with you to optimize their services for your county.



Starting a new program can be daunting from a personnel stand point as well.  Most counties are starting a Drug Court program for the first time.  As a result, their staff has no experience building, running or administrating such a program.  Here again, Lives Back can be of great assistance.  

We will not only coach, teach and provide leadership training, we will put staff on site to assist with the launch and initial building of the program.  How many people and for how long will vary by county, by needs and by funding, but we're committed to be there for you.  You're not in this alone.



Getting "buy-in" from the community leaders can be hard. Justifying a new program in a community that has no track record of success is an understandable challenge.  As part of the Lives Back service offering, we can provide some of the initial funding and assist you in attaining the funding needed to get started and continue operating into the foreseeable future.  

Monies are out there but fund raising and working with your local legislators can be intimidating, challenging and often frustrating.  Lives Back can help you "cross the chasm" between inception and implementation.  We'll show you where dollars are located; local budgets, regional funding, State funding, Federal programs, grants, public & private donations, corporate support, etc. And we'll help you go get them.